Spring Wishlist – JUNAROSE

Hej med jer,

(English below)

Så er det blevet tid til endnu en ønskeliste, denne gang fra JUNAROSE. De har virkelig mange sager pt, som jeg gerne ville have fingrene i! Her har jeg udvalgt et par af mine favoritter 🙂

It is time for another Spring wishlist, this time from JUNAROSE. There is a lot of their pieces I want right now! But here is a couple of my favorites 🙂

Har du valgt dine favoritter?
Have you picked your favorites?
– Karina

4 thoughts on “Spring Wishlist – JUNAROSE

  1. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog and I really like it!
    Your style is so neat!
    I would like to know how is the sizing at Junarose.
    I`m still hesitating on ordering a top because according to the mesurement I should order 50-52 (xxl)
    but I usually would order a 48-50 (l-xl) in other brand.
    thanks for your answer


  2. Hi K,

    I think the sizing is a bit generous in general, I would be a 46 in other brands, but are a 44 at Junarose. My experience is though, that the size guide is pretty accurate, so my recommendation would be to follow that, of course depending on how tight you want the top to fit and how much stretch it contains 🙂

    Good luck 🙂


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