Double Up – Peplum

Hej med jer,

(English below), 

Dette er første udgave af et nyt tiltag “Double Up” som er en styling-udfordring Rikke fra Sticky Sweet Danish og jeg har givet hinanden. Vi vælger et tema som vi begge skal style. Der kommer et nyt “Double Up” hver anden uge. I er velkomne til at komme med forslag til tema’er også.

Hvis I følger Rikke også har I nok set at vi har meget forskellig stil og derfor synes vi det ville være interessant at vise jer hver vores styling af forskellige trends og temaer. Jeg håber I vil synes om vores lille tiltag.

Første Double Up tema er: Peplum. Peplum er en trend der har været meget oppe de sidste års tid og den holder stadig her ind i A/W13.

This is the first post in a new series: “Double Up” which is a styling challenge Rikke from Sticky Sweet Danish and I have given each other. We will pick a theme or trend that we both need to style. There will be a new Double Up post every other week. You are welcome to come up with suggestions for themes or trends that you would like to see us style. 

If you read Rikke’s blog as well, you will know that we have very different styles and therefore we thought it would be interesting to show you our different syling of the same theme or trend. I hope you will enjoy our little series. 

The first Duoble Up theme is: Peplum. Peplum is a trend that has been around for a while now and it is still hot for A/W13. 

 Peplum skirt – Dorothy Perkins // Shirt “Droceras” – Carmakoma // Pink suede shoes – Zara

 Jeg har valgt en peplum nederdel her og den meget fine “Droceras” skjorte med fugle fra Carmakoma. Synes det er en ret fin kombination og med et pift af pink (til en forandring ;-)) bliver det ultra feminint. Generelt synes jeg at peplum er en rigtig god måde at give ethvert outfit et feminint touch.

Kig forbi Rikke også, for at se hvad hun har fundet på. 

I have chosen a peplum skirt here and the very pretty “Droceras” shirt with birds from Carmakoma. I think it is a great combination and with a touch of pink (for a change ;-)) it becomes ultra feminine. In general i think peplum is a great way of giving any outfit a feminine touch. 

Stop by Rikke’s as well to see what she came up with. 


5 thoughts on “Double Up – Peplum

  1. Hello,Ciao Karina, Thanks for sharing…This's a Masterpiece Outfit…the peplum black skirt is fabolous on You…give You a such Powerfull look…and the shirt with the black birds is the perfect match…like the pink Shoes…Wow…incredible Outfit!
    …and…Your smile is so Marvellous…it bring the Joy indeed…Cheers!


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