OOTD – Copenhagen fashion week 2 – All black

Hej med jer,

(English below)

Her er endnu et dagens fra modeugen. Nemlig det fra PLUSliving modeshowet. Jeg gik efter et look der var cool og edgy, så derfor gik jeg med helt sort. Der er også bare noget ved modeugen der indbyder til at man kommer i helt sort. Ja, det er måske lidt safe, men man ser det alle steder, det virker og det er aldrig untrendy 😉

Skjortekjolen faldt jeg faktisk over dagen før da jeg sammen med Rikke besøgte en ny plus size butik i København. Den hedder “Divaerne” og ligger på Gammel Kongevej 127 på Frederiksberg. Jeg købte også en anden lækker sag, som I må se når vejret bliver lidt køligere igen.

Here is another OOTD from Copenhagen Fashion Week. The one I wore at the PLUSliving fashion show. I went for a cool and edgy look and chose all black. There is just something about wearing black to fashion week. Yes, it is a bit safe, but you see it everywhere, it works and is never completely untrendy 😉

The shirt dress I actually found the day before when I went by a new plus size boutique in Copenhagen with Rikke. I also got another really nice pieces that I will show you another time, when the weather cools down a bit. 

 Shirt dress – Carmakoma // Belt – Carmakoma // Wet look leggins – New Look // Suede wedges – Dorothy Perkins // Earrings – Glitter // Bracelet – By Frigg // Rings – Glitter

 Hair do by the stylist team at the PLUSliving fashion show, the same as the models got 😉 Earrings from Glitter.
 Belt “Rollercoaster” – Carmakoma // Rings – Glitter
 Suede “giant wedges” Head over heels for Dorothy Perkins

 Jeg kan godt lide det rå udtryk som dette sæt giver. Dog med et par feminine detaljer som f.eks. sløjferne på skoene. De forskellige teksturer bryder det sorte lidt og gør det interessant. Det er vigtigt at husk når man går efter sort i sort.

I like the coolness of this look. It is a little tough but with a couple of feminine details, like the bows on the shoes. The different textures breaks the black up a bit an makes it interesting. That is important to keep in mind when wearing all black.



8 thoughts on “OOTD – Copenhagen fashion week 2 – All black

  1. I love this outfit on you! You look amazing! I feel like I am repeating myself ever so often on your blog, but I do love your style and every time you upload a new outfit I think I want your closet badly! So if you ever want to live a Buddhist life and get rid of all your worldly possessions, I would very kindly take your closet ;))
    The plus size fashion show must have been so much fun! I wish we had something like that in Germany, but we seem to be quite backward in the plus size fashion industry so I always look to other countries and see what they are up to. Thanks for being such a cool blogger 🙂


  2. Thanks Tini, it is always great to hear 🙂

    And I promise should I pursue a buddhist life, I will let you know 😉 Until then, I am working on setting up a sales blog, so I can pass on some of the good stuff that I no longer use 🙂



  3. are those wet look leggings from the current season of carmakoma?

    i love this look. you've done the rollercoast very well and the leggings look nice on you. you've inspired me to try a pair of the LILIUM from carmakoma!


  4. No the wet look leggins are from New Look and several seasons old. But I am DEFINITELY going to get my hands on the ILLIUM from Carmakoma! 😉 They are so cool. I know the model, Line, who wore them in this fashion show and she says they run quite small, so do take that into consideration when you order them 🙂



  5. The Lilium leggings are available on the Carmakoma website now!! Just ordered L and XL hoping one fits and that they look nice. They have stretch in them, but I think they will make you sweat a LOT.

    Post pics when you make an outfit. So far I have ordered 10 things and have 2 more to go, then I will stop until sales!!!


  6. I haven't ordered them yet, I am really in doubt regarding the size. I hope to find a store that carries them, so I can try them on first 😉

    Let me know how they fits when you receive them 🙂



  7. I order two sizes if I'm unsure then send back the one (or both) that don't fit or I don't like. So far I LOVE the Bellis, am so so on Calluna (waiting for Blackbird), I like Jasminus and Bunting and Hummingbird powder. Will get the darker one if it's around on sale. I am also waiting for the polka dot shirt and skirt, bluebird dress, cardinal, and lilium. I haven't bought clothes in 3 years, and just emptied my entire closet of everything (13 BIG BAGS of stuff+ 10 pairs of shoes), gave to charity, and have started over. I will see about the Betullis later too. Will let you know how it all goes!! I love Carmakoma / Lab27 basics also. They feel great.


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