Party season – long sleeve dresses

Hi guys,

The party season is quickly approaching and it is time to find a dress (or several ;-)) to get you through all the December functions.

This year, I will go for a long sleeve party dress. I think long sleeves are perfect for this season, as I am always a little cold 😉 I also think that there is something really fabulous and luxurious about long sleeve party dresses, you are covered up, but still sexy. And although I do not mind showing my arms, many women would rather cover them up and so long sleeves are perfect.

I have found some examples for you below:

Champagne sequin dress – Dorothy Perkins
 White and silver beaded dress – Love Label @ Littlewoods
 White ruched dress with beaded details in the back – South @ Littlewoods
 Oyster velvet dress – Savior @ Littlewoods
Black chiffon dress with beaded cuffs – Asos Curve
Black lace dress – H&M BiB
– Karina

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