OOTD – Waxed Jeans

Hi guys,

I wore my new waxed jeans from Ellos (the Scandinavian branch of Redcats). I bought them a few weeks ago, but did not love them immediately. I had wanted a pair of waxed jeans for a long time, but had not been able to find any in my size, so when I saw these, I had to get them although I found them a bit mumsy. They were to wide in the legs (from the knees and down), so I decided to try and sew them in to get a more slim look. I think I was quite successful. In general I do a lot of customizing of my clothes, I find that it is often necessary to tweek a little here and there to get the right fit.

Sorry about the unfriendly expression, I was concentrating hard on getting the remote to connect with the camera 🙂

Waxed Jeans – Ellos // Tank top – H&M // Jersey Jacket – Object by Vila // Scarf – Black Lily // Shoes – Deichman // Necklace – Day, Birger et Mikkelsen

Hmm, these two are a little bit mug shoot’ish. Note to self: smile a little the next time

A couple of close-ups of my favorite scarf from Danish accessories brand Black Lily. They do fabulous bags, wallets, clutches, scarfs and belts. I use it for a tiny bit of colour (if a mix of nude, a fleck of navy and grey can really be characterized as colour) and it goes with almost everything.

 Waxed jeans – Ellos // Grey flats from Deichman shoes

Close-up of shiny jeans and shiny shoes 🙂 I really think these jeans will be a favorite this season.

 “Over the top” – Essie
And shiny grey nails… It was my intention to get more colour into my fall/winter wardrobe, but I must admit, it is easier said than done. I always end in grey or black in the end. I must try a little harder next time 😉
– Karina

7 thoughts on “OOTD – Waxed Jeans

  1. Hej Tina,

    Jeg snuppede dem en størrelse større, ren intuition, men det vidste sig at være en god ide. Der er stretch i, men ikke så meget. Og de kan justeres i livet, hvis man har brug for det.


  2. Fantastisk med et endnu bedre tilbud 😉 Det var ikke helt let at sy dem ind, men jeg er stædig, så det gik 😉 Problemet var at der hele tiden kom en lille bule der hvor forskellen var størst (lige omkring knæet) men jeg fik det fikset (don't ask me how ;-)) og nu ser det fint ud.

    Men det er jo ikke sikkert du er nødt til at lægge dem ind. Jeg ville bare gerne have de sad helt tæt, men ellers var det bare en ok bootcut.


  3. vil også helt have at de er helt slim 🙂 må se hvad jeg kan gøre når jeg får dem, de kommer desværre først den 25 oktober så der er alt for lang tid til 😦


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