OOTD – Black ‘n’ Blue

Hi guys,

I work in a big company and do have quite an outgoing role, which means that I often have meetings and dinners with external people from all over the world, so quite often my clothes needs to be presentable and a little formal. I always, though, make sure to keep my clothes “me”, I hate to feel that I am in a costume, so I do not own a formal suit at all, even though that would probably be much easier. 

Here is some pictures of today’s outfit that needed to work for an external meeting. I think it has a little “Chanel” feel about it, although Karl Lagerfeld would probably not agree that fat people could evoke anything even remotely Chanel-ish 😉

 Metallic skirt – Boden // Navy Cardigan – H&M // Shoes – By Malene Birger // Necklace – Day birger et Mikkelsen
Necklace with pearls, tull and Sequins.
Patent leather and satin shoes
– Karina

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